Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers

Property Management



Kieswetter Mazda

"We have used other key management systems but the Matrix system we have is one of the best in the industry.  It allows us to manage our keys in a very effective manner. This is a mandatory item for all dealers"


Rob Kieswetter,

V.P Sales, Kieswetter Mazda

Key Management System demo

Watch this key management overview video

Mercedes-Benz Silver Star

"The Matrix Key System has been fantastic - the level of support has been beyond compare"


Rob Girouard,

Mercedes-Benz Silver Star Montréal



Jamie Silva – ACME House Company

"Our office used to spend hours every week tracking down keys. MATRIX increased our office organizational productivity and provided top-level security for the properties we manage"


Jamie Silva,

ACME House Company Palm Springs


"We choose MATRIX since other than control it provides the highest level of security to our keys and assets. In addition, it has massive capacity to contain all our keys in only one cabinet - with any other system we would have needed at least 3 units.
The MATRIX is truly the best key management system I've seen.
I highly recommend the MATRIX, it's the Mercedes of the key cabinets."


Jonathan Eltes
Dealer Principle
Mercedes-Benz Brampton

How safe are you?

Learn why using other key systems expose you to the risk of stealing or copying your assets keys and learn why MATRIX protects you


“Through decades, key storage management at the embassy was manual.
The presence of a manager every time someone needed a key was unrealistic, (especially after hours and in case of emergency) and the result was that every employee had full access to the key cabinet. Documentation was lacking and keys were missing which caused frequent attention and re-issuance.


Since the MATRIX smart cabinet was implemented all problems were solved.
The cabinet is automatically managed. Access is fully controlled and documented by video as well as the reports provided by the system to every transaction.


The service given by the company is immediate and efficient in a friendly and patient manner.
We proudly present the system to all of our guests.”


Mr. Ofer Danan,

Assets Management Clerk



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