Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers
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Total security requires absolute control, and as a bank or financial institution you won’t settle for anything less – that’s why you need a MATRIX secure storage system.


MATRIX gives you full control of your keys and assets (credit cards, documents, and cash) in a state-of-the-art secure storage unit.


Each key or item is secured in a sealed compartment.

You decide who has access to each compartment and receive real-time data about who takes what, when and for what purpose.


Every time someone uses the unit, the transaction is captured by a dedicated video camera, giving you the highest level of security.


MATRIX units can be configured with different compartment sizes according to your needs. So, if you want to store just keys, or a combination of keys, credit cards, documents, cash and more, with MATRIX anything is possible.




  • MATRIX provides the highest level of security as each key / item is stored in a sealed separate compartment and every operation is captured by a video camera.


  • Determine who has access to specific compartments within the unit.


  • Limit access to authorized personnel only – implement identification process, via biometrics, access control card or password, to be passed to gain access.


  • Securely store keys to safe deposit boxes – give customer access to their individual keys.


  • Give customers control over who can access their box – set up real time alerts to notify them when their key has been checked out.


  • Secure and manage access to sensitive documents within the same unit

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