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MATRIX lockers are the ideal solution for gyms who wish to have an advanced system for securing their members’ personal belongings such as phones, wallets, keys and others.


By using biometric or proximity bracelet, they can secure their private belongings in dedicated compartments for the duration of their stay and without the use of mechanical keys which are difficult to carry and tend to get lost.


Regular lockers are extremely large compartment units which take valuable space while the majority of members want to secure their wallets, cell phone and keys.


When you have much more members then lockers, MATRIX is the best choice.

MATRIX offers a perfect combination between compact size units and massive storage capacity – a single MATRIX ULTRA cabinet can secure over 300 cell phones while every compartment which turns free is now available for others (no more compartment per user – maximum productivity)


From a security aspect, MATRIX provides the highest level of security as each operation is recorded by the dedicated video camera viewable at a click of a button (since the MATRIX is located outside the dressing room you do not have any legal issue of placing video camera)



So what do we offer?

Maintain small portion of regular lockers for those who wish to store clothes and toiletries and place MATRIX for all others for securing cell phones, keys and wallets.


By doing so you will save valuable space, offer a solution for your members and increase the security level by preventing lock breaking and theft in the dressing room.


The MATRIX elegant design will fit the prestigious look of your facility and will contribute to the total branding by suppling the most advanced locker on the market.


For more info about MATRIX smart locker click here

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