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School Security with Smart Lockers for Schools


Enhance safety and convenience within educational environments with cutting-edge smart lockers for schools. Our innovative locker solutions redefine security protocols, providing seamless access control for students and staff alike.


Designed to adapt to modern educational needs, our smart lockers offer a myriad of features tailored to optimize efficiency and security. With a biometric authentication technology, our lockers ensure that only authorized individuals can access belongings, eliminating concerns over theft and unauthorized access.


MATRIX Smart Lockers solution


When it comes to schools, colleges, and universities, MATRIX has a solution for all your secure storage needs.
From the hundreds of keys you hold for buildings and vehicles, to valuable equipment like laptops, mobile phones, and student devices – MATRIX covers it all.


MATRIX gives you full control of your keys and assets in state-of-the-art secure units that are accessible according to the personal authorizations that you set.
This modular system can be tailored to your precise needs with various compartment sizes and extension units to increase storage capacity as you need it.


Smart lockers for schools by Matrix


Key Management System


Store up to 1780 keys securely and conveniently in one cabinet.

Determine who has access to keys and when, ensuring students or staff can only access what they are authorized to take.
Receive real-time data about who has taken what, when and for what purpose – if a key is not returned by the time you set, you will be notified immediately.

Authorize contractors to access specific keys without having to arrange to meet them in person.
View video footage of every interaction with the Key Management System.

For more about our Key cabinet press here


Smartphones / Laptops Locker

Securely store the school’s valuable equipment, such as laptops and iPads.
Authorize specific students or staff members to have access to specific stored items.
Provide storage for students to place their smartphones, iPads etc in a secure and efficient way.

For more about our Smartphone locker press here

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