Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers

Ultra Master

  • Free standing floor unit
  • Integrated computer system
  • A single unit can hold up to 1,782 keys, 81 guns or 330 phones (example only)
  • Unlimited storage – connect extension units to increase capacity

Type: Floor standing

Dimensions: 45.3x57.1x27.6 inches (115.1x145x70cm)

Weight: 450-1100 ILS (200-500 kg)

Compact Master


Dimensions: 33x29x22 inches (84x74x56cm)

Weight: up to 320 ILS (145 kg)

Frame Master

  • Wall mounted unit
  • Slim line
  • Integrated computer system for quick and easy operation
  • Can hold up to 44 phones or 198 keys(example only)


Type: Wall mounted

Dimensions: 39.8x26x3.5 inches (100x66x10cm)

Weight: 79 ILS (36 kg)

Unlimited storage

Whenever your capacity runs out, you can always add another extension unit.

One master station can operate a limitless number of extension units.

matrix 5,346 keys system


Maximum flexibility

Design your own drawer configuration from any combination of storage compartments and three drawer depths.

Fit compartment sizes to the objects you need to store to maximize capacity in the least possible space.