Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers
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Whether a hotel or casino, working in the hospitality industry invariably means being responsible for hundreds of keys: for rooms, display cabinets, valuable equipment storage, lost & found, vehicles that belong to the business or to customers and so much more.


The MATRIX Key Management System allows you to store up to 1,780 keys in one unit.


Each key is locked in a sealed compartment and you control who has access to it, giving you the highest level of security.

Personnel that you authorize to have access must identify themselves to the system either via biometrics, proximity tag or password, so they may only take the key that they are authorized to take.


Every interaction with the system is captured by a dedicated video camera and you also receive real-time data about who took what, when and for which purpose, so you know where each key is at any given time.




  • Securely and conveniently store up to 1,780 keys in one cabinet – extension units are available to increase capacity
  • Determine which staff have access to which keys, and during what hours
  • Send alerts to the user and manager if a key is not returned on time
  • Increase efficiency and reduce customer waiting time with quick and easy access by staff
  • View video footage of every use at a click of a button

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