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New partner announcement – LEID PRODUCTS

LEID PRODUCTS (MI, USA), a leader of electronic lockers and storage systems has joined MATRIX distribution in the US.
LEID will start to market the MATRIX (Protector & MyBox) mainly to military facilities, law enforcement, government agencies, medical facilities and large corporations.


New partner announcement – SEK Solutions

SEK Solutions, a full-service provider of industrial storage products, material handling equipment, and weapon storage products has joined MATRIX distribution in the US.
SEK Solutions will market the MATRIX (Protector & MyBox) mainly to military facilities, law enforcement, government agencies and large corporations.


ISC West 2015

15-17April 2015, Las Vegas – the ISC west exhibition presented the latest security systems innovations.
The MATRIX booth gathered many visitors who came to see how the unique systems can assist them to gain better control over their assets and valuable objects.
The exhibition revealed the new FRAME model which use as a cell phones lockers for military, governments and secure facilities.
See you as the next show


The US embassy has chosen the MATRIX

The US embassy has chosen the MATRIX for securing and controlling their keys (including vehicles, diplomats residential, offices and others).
The MATRIX offers the highest level of security as each item is securely stored in a separate compartment and the access to it is fully managed


The 22nd International Exhibition for technological developments in the Industry

Israel, Jun 18-20th 2013 – Technology Exhibition 2013 has displayed the latest developments in various technological areas in hi-tech industries.

Shafir booth, which presented the MATRIX system, attracted many visitors, who came to learn about the system and try it for themselves.


G4s implemented Protector at ISCAR corp

The world leading security company G4S which secure ISCAR (part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc) plants , bought the Protector system to secure and manage all transaction of weapons, keys and other security equipotent use at site.


RAFAEL goes from manual to automatic depositing

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a restrict organization, adopted the MyBox system which allows guests and other users to self-deposit their cell phones, weapons, laptops, cameras, etc. before entering the restrict areas of the organization.

Using this system Rafael will reduce manpower needed, increase the level of security and improves the service to users