Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers
Weapons Storage
Weapons Storage

Weapons Storage

Securely and safely store weapons, ammunition and other security gear in individual, locked compartments.

Limit access to each item only to authorized personnel at specific times and get real-time data as to who takes what and when.

Receive alerts if items are not returned on time.

Option to include a dedicated video camera to capture live footage every time someone uses the unit.



MATRIX is the secure and safe way to store your weapons

  • Secure access is granted via either biometric identification, access control card or username/ password
  • Each compartment holds only one item, so the user cannot take anything without authorization
  • Video reports can be viewed at the click of a button - every operation is recorded
  • Alarm goes off if someone tries to force a drawer open



MATRIX maximizes your control over your weapons storage

  • Know who has what at any time
  • Limit access to the system to working hours only
  • Determine who can access what, and when they must return it
  • Deny users access when their firearms license has expired
  • View video camera footage of every transaction
  • Remote control of access options and viewing of reports



MATRIX gives you more storage in less space

  • One ULTRA cabinet can hold up to 108 firearms
  • Get unlimited capacity by adding extension units



  • No manual signing for weapons
  • No physical supervision of the system required
  • Fast retrieval of items by authorized personnel


Special features

  • Voice Guidance

    Voice guidance assistance for easy use


  • Check our reason

    Force users to report the reason for checking out an item

  • Limit duration use

    Receive notification when a user did not return an item at the time set

  • Alarm System

    Internal alarm system which activates whenever irregular activity takes place

  • Video Documentation

    Video record of every operation made available at any time


  • Remote Connection

    Control your assets from any remote station


Our Models


    • Up to 81 guns
    • Connect extension units to increase capacity

    Type: Floor standing

    Dimensions: 45.3x57.1x27.6 inches (115.1x145x70cm)

    Weight: 450-1100 ILS (200-500 kg)

    System Layout


    • Up to 16 guns
    • Unlimited storage – extensions to the master unit are available to increase capacity

    Type: Desktop

    Dimensions: 33x29x22 inches (84x74x56cm)

    Weight: up to 320 ILS (145 kg)

    System Layout

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