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Smart Lockers
Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers

Ensure personal belongings, like smartphones, wallets and laptops, are kept safe.

With MATRIX, there is no need for a mechanical lock, which can easily be broken into, or keys which are often lost –  the operation is extremely friendly using biometric identification or proximity tags.

Each item is stored in a separate locked compartment, which can only be accessed by the owner.

The operation can be set for staff only or occasional visitors, enabling items to be retrieved and returned quickly and efficiently.

MATRIX provides the highest level of security as every operation is recorded by a a dedicated video camera for future monitoring.

Why MATRIX is the best solution


MATRIX Phone Locker provides maximum security

  • No mechanical keys - access to locked compartment is granted either via biometric identification, proximity tag or password
  • Video camera automatically captures footage of every use. Video reports can be viewed in the data reports at the click of a button


MATRIX gives you more storage in less space

  • Compact units take less space than others available on the market
  • ULTRA unit can hold about 400 cell phones in one cabinet
  • Connect multiple extension units to increase capacity as needed



MATRIX maximizes your control over access

  • Limit system access to authorized users only
  • See which compartments are occupied for longer than authorized
  • View reports and video footage of every transaction.
  • Management can open every compartment.
  • Manual override activated in case of power failure.



MATRIX – more efficient operations …

  • Self-operated - no need to have staff available for manual storage or to assist
  • Fast deposit and retrieval of items
  • No locks to change and no need to break into compartments – admin can access and rest with a click of a button

… in a more efficient system

  • Voice guidance makes the system easy to use for first time or occasional visitors/ customers
  • Choose combination of compartment sizes to suit your needs

Special features

  • Voice Guidance

    Voice guidance assistance for easy use


  • Limit duration use

    Limit the use of every deposit to increase efficiency

  • Alarm System

    Internal alarm system which activates whenever irregular activity takes place

  • Video Documentation

    Video record of every operation made available at any time


Our Models


    •  24 phones
    • Add extension units to increase capacity


    Type: Wall mounted

    Dimensions: 27.5x20x4.3 inches (70x51x11cm)

    Weight: 66 ILS (30 kg)

    System Layout


    • Up to 44 phones
    • Add extension units to increase capacity


    Type: Wall mounted

    Dimensions: 39.8x26x3.5 inches (100x66x10cm)

    Weight: 79 ILS (36 kg)

    System Layout


    • Up to 110 phones / 16 guns
    • Unlimited storage – extensions to the master unit are available to increase capacity 

    Type: Desktop

    Dimensions: 33x29x22 inches (84x74x56cm)

    Weight: up to 320 ILS (145 kg)

    System Layout


    • Up to 330 phones / 48 laptops / 81 guns
    • Connect extension units to increase capacity

    Type: Floor standing

    Dimensions: 45.3x57.1x27.6 inches (115.1x145x70cm)

    Weight: 450-1100 ILS (200-500 kg)

    System Layout

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