Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers


 24 phones Add extension units to increase capacity   Type: Wall mounted Dimensions: 27.5x20x4.3 inches (70x51x11cm) Weight: 66 ILS (30 kg)

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Up to 44 phones Add extension units to increase capacity   Type: Wall mounted Dimensions: 39.8x26x3.5 inches (100x66x10cm) Weight: 79 ILS (36 kg)

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Up to 110 phones / 16 guns Unlimited storage – extensions to the master unit are available to increase capacity  Type: Desktop Dimensions: 33x29x22 inches (84x74x56cm) Weight: up to 320 ILS (145 kg)

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Rafael advance defense systems

“Due to the sensitivity of our working environment, we must follow strict daily procedures such as depositing cell phones, laptops, cameras, weapons, etc.


Before MATRIX, depositing those items was a long and exhausting process including identifying and filling many documents. Once the MATRIX system arrived it completely changed our lives:

  • Reduced the manpower needed at the front desk
  • Fast and efficient service to our employees and guests
  • Nonstop item depositing availability and accessibility (24/7)
  • No more worries that personal belongings will be damaged or disappear


Implementing this machine was an important step and gave our receptionists more time for personal address to guests and employees by reducing pressure from the front desk. MATRIX provides us ideal working environment for excellent service.

Still, all of the above cannot compare with the great value and advantages we get from this system, therefore these days we are in the course of purchasing a third system.


The MATRIX is the best solution along with great professional service which is hard to describe in words.”


Rafael Security Dept.


Up to 330 phones / 48 laptops / 81 guns Connect extension units to increase capacity Type: Floor standing Dimensions: 45.3×57.1×27.6 inches (115.1x145x70cm) Weight: 450-1100 ILS (200-500 kg)

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